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Weaving 11th century historical fiction, fantasy, and adventure into a tapestry revealing the power of women

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In the Harmonie Book series, Brian Barnes and Judith Briles weave the storyline of a young woman that is first encouraged by the acumen of her father at an early age. Unbeknown to him, his daughter was to become the son he longed for ... and a woman who would encourage the empowerment of women held captive by 11th century attitudes.

Within the four book series, the authors will reveal methods of survival and defense unknown to women. The development of a new community that is challenged and assaulted by a malicious family, deceptive men and the greed of the church.

The series is laced with adventure, betrayals, and intrigue. The finding of self for each of the main characters zigzags within each book. Book 2: The Secret Hamlet will debut in the Fall of 2023.

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The Secret Journey

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