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Click to download Book 1: The Secret Journey Discussion Questions.


The Secret Journey

Book Club Leaders … contact Brian and/or Judith to participate in a special meeting to discuss the book; the concepts; and the evolution of the series. We always encourage readers to post  individual reviews on And thank you.

In-person gatherings are possible if you are in the Colorado and either is available. Otherwise, Zoom is always an option.

Did the ending pull you in? Did you want more?

• Were you satisfied or disappointed with how it ended?

• How do you picture the characters’ lives after the end of the story?

• If you were to identify the most important theme within The Secret Journey, what would it be?

What do you think of Lisa’s transition to Nick, than Nichol? 

• Do you know anyone like her?

• Do you think that there are women like her today?

• Do you think it’s important for a women to be able to physically defend herself?

Was it right for Lisa to listen to Alexander’s meetings without his knowledge?

• Why do you think she didn’t tell him what she was doing?

• If he had known earlier, would he have forbidden her to be in his solar?

• Once Alexander invited Lisa to listen and watch, did he place too much responsibility on her?

Do you think Nichol should have had a man step in on her behalf versus dealing with Fredric herself?

•    Should Lisa have asked for help?

•    Were her actions appropriate when she took his horse and coin?

•    What else could she have done to stop him from pursuing her?

What risks did Nichol undertake as she followed Alexander’s map to Paris and his partner Ezra?

•    Should she have left the manor and her villa as suddenly as she did?

•    Should she have disguised herself as a boy? If she hadn’t, what do you think would have happened?

•    Was she right to accuse her mother Astrid of murdering her papa?

Would you approach a stranger in an inn, tavern, or bar for help? Have you ever had to ask a stranger for help?

•    What fears would/could asking for help generate?

•    What is the likelihood that adequate help would appear?

•    What would you do if you felt threatened by someone you know as Nicole was by Fredric?

Was it appropriate for Nichol to travel forward with Timo and Moki? Or should she have continued on her own, running to Paris?

•    Why did Nicole have a mistrust of men and the church?

•    What steps did Timo take to make her feel safe around him?

•    Did you think that Timo and Nichol would become a couple?

When Nicole slayed the two men at the cottage, was it her ... or was it the Lady guiding her actions?

•    Did her actions and skills surprise you?

•    Should she have taken Shadow to Jacob’s or left right away?

•    Should she have risked taking the horses?

If Nichol didn’t have the voice of the Lady as a support, comfort, and guide ...  would she have succeeded in her quest?

•    Was the Lady real or part of Nichol’s imagination?

•    What would she have done if the Lady wasn’t real?

•    Did the Lady always have good intentions for Nichol, or could she turn against her?

When Nichol first sees Robert, it was his eyes that pulled her in. Should she have been more cautious?

•    When did Robert figure out that Nick wasn’t a boy? Should he have picked up that quickly?

•    Should he have taken to his home as soon as he did?

•    Did the Lady make it possible for the two of them to meet?

What themes surfaced in the story?

•    Have you ever been in a situation where you needed some-one to save you?

•    Have you ever been in a situation where you did not want someone to save you?

•    Have you ever had to step in and help someone out of a dire situation?

•    Have you ever had to overlook or accept something so that you could have a relationship with someone?

•    Have you ever had to trust someone you barely knew?

•    Have you ever allowed yourself to cut off others you knew well because you felt they had become bad?

•    Have you ever had inner voices and feelings that guide you?

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