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Our promise to readers: We will deliver a combination of historical fiction intertwined with women’s fiction within the 11th century. Women are our heroes—their cleverness; their bravery; and their wisdom.

Is the Voice Lisa’s Protector or a Predator?

When her father Alexander is murdered, Lisa’s safe, carefree world unravels. At 16, her only escape is to flee from the mayhem and chaos that promises to come crashing down on her very being. From her wicked mother. From her drunken stepbrother. And from the greedy church. The year was 1,000 AD.

Bright and clever, she becomes the eyes and ears of her papa’s many enterprises. Lisa is his confidant and the son he desires as an heir. Afraid for his own daughter’s future, Alexander shares a plan to her to follow upon his death.

Within days of Alexander’s murder, the plan is put into motion. The map created for her has instructions and a special key. It will guide Lisa hundreds of miles from her papa’s villa in Marseilles to Paris, where his business partner Ezra lived.
Her possessions were the tunic on her back, a cloak, Papa’s jeweled dagger, and the coin that he asked her to hide away. And a mysterious voice that forewarns and guides her.

Lisa’s travel mode was her feet.

Her stepbrother follows her in hot pursuit, filled with anger, hate, and revenge. Fredric’s desire is to rightfully assume his inherited status as heir—a status that requires items whose whereabouts only Lisa knows.

Will Lisa get to Paris? Will Ezra welcome and help her? Will she discover who killed Papa? Will the Voice that invades her sleep continue to guide her? Will she ever feel safe and loved again?


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